Our MediaVoice QUOTE of the month: “His voice is muddy. Dark and brown and muddy….like coffee left too long on the burner or unsweetened bitter chocolate…. and there’s dirt in it too, deep dark dirt, like your garden in October.” –  Jael Mchenry

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MediaVoice is busier than it has ever been… so much so that we’re expanding in 2017. Also, here’s big news from our Technical Division.  Did you know that Churches and Houses of Worship across Atlantic Canada can now broadcast weekly services and activities on FM ‘without’ a permanent CRTC license ?

FBC_800_532See all the details on our LPFM page allowing ‘Houses of Worship’ to begin FM broadcasting ‘live’ using a CRTC special license exemption. Any or all your weekly church services, visiting guest speakers and even ‘live’ musical or special speaker presentations can now be broadcast  ‘live’ on-air to your local community. For details and a ‘ turnkey price ‘ to begin broadcasting your weekly services thanks to this significant CRTC FM rule change, please contact david@mediavoice.ca