Gallery – Audio Technical

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This was one our very first studio installations
for CHSB in Bedford.

Kentvile real estate_1024_681

This was a local business who used LP-FM
to micro-target every vehicle that parked in
front of their downtown storefront. 


The PD’s office at CFXU, the Campus
station at St.FX University in Antigonish. 
MediaVoice services the FOX and we just
finished a new Master Studio ‘Rebuild’.
Thankfully they saved & framed both
decal covered windows above before the
new studio construction began in 2018. 


On site at the Kings College Alumni Lecture
Theatre in Halifax as one of several contractors
during the 2014 Technical and Acoustic


Looking up at an LGP45 FM Antenna
being used for a huge local sports event. 





The sign above says it all, providing 24/7
dealership information for every potential
customer in every car that drives onto the lot
regardless of the time or day of the week.


Installing the Ward-Beck console at the
Kings College Radio Studios. You’d be amazed
just how heavy that console really is.

Installing the new CJLU FM Antenna at Blomidon

Here we are in the bucket high above
Cape Blomidon above Canning NS installing
a new Antenna for the Harvesters Radio Network.

Nav light_1024_681

This is an actual Broadcast Tower Navigational
or ‘Nav’ Light Bulb that you can still see atop huge
Broadcast towers. They are rare as more powerful
smaller LED lights are now being used. This one is
on display at X-FM (CJFX) in Antigonish.