Since the mid 90’s, MediaVoice has provided Special Event On-Site FM Radio systems for Business, Sports, Community Events, large Funerals, Churches and more. Low Power FM Radio (LPFM) is extremely cost efficient. LPFM is perfect for spectator sports like Racing and Water events, Exhibitions, Tourist Attraction venues, Festivals, Special Events Marketing, Churches and local special event broadcasts. The largest Tall Ships event which was Tall Ships 2000 in Halifax, the Valley Drive-In and the Windsor Pumpkin Regattas are just three of many examples of successful Low Power FM applications that we’ve designed and installed. Also at it’s most basic function, you can use LPFM to extend your special events PA system to reach for several kilometers.

Important Bulletin for Churches and Houses of Worship…..There are new streamlined regulations now in place in Canada for Churches and Houses of Worship who wish to use Low Power FM as an incredible local outreach solution. Under these new CRTC exemptions, Churches and Houses of Worship can now transmit up to 50 watts (FM) to broadcast any on site ‘live’ activities including Sunday services to your local community ‘without’ a permanent CRTC license. This is a major new FM Radio development from Ottawa that can save you thousands of dollars and substantial set-up time. Contact for details about this exciting new opportunity to add FM Radio to your local outreach strategy. We can have you set up and broadcasting your weekly services and any ‘live’ church events within seven to eight weeks.

While LPFM usage has grown tremendously in the United States and Europe, LPFM is only now catching on in Canada. The reason ? Education. Few people are aware that LPFM is available and even fewer know what it is. What makes that statement ironic is that LPFM regulations in Canada are actually some of the easiest to navigate. LPFM can be very effective for reaching people who ‘want’ your information, content or messaging. For an amazing system, LPFM requires proper design, effective low cost signage and good technical installation. At MediaVoice, we’ll assess your site and give you straight answers on whether an LPFM system is right for you. If it is, it can solve many issues and can help earn new revenue for your organization. If an LPFM system isn’t suited for your site or event, we’ll tell you exactly why. That’s integrity. LPFM will continue to grow in Canada in 2018. There are specific rules and regulations monitored by Industry Canada and the CRTC but it all depends on the application and the specific equipment you use. With over 23 years experience in Low Power FM, we’ll guide you through the entire process and deliver a ‘turnkey’ system to your event or application.

MediaVoice is the Atlantic Dealer for Decade Transmitters. We’ve been installing these durable, robust and easy to use high quality Canadian LPFM transmitters since 1994. And in over 24 years, take a guess how many of our MediaVoice installed LPFM Transmitters have ever had to be replaced or repaired. The answer is one. Because it took a direct lightning hit in Aylesford during a severe thunder storm in 2009.

The sign says it all.

The sign says it all.

We also recently completed an installation in metro of an online internet studio. Expanded WiFi is now part of many new vehicles and as you’ll see, vehicle WiFi will expand tremendously in the next 2 years. Those who establish ‘unique & local’ online services early will be in a great strategic position as these unique micro information services take hold over the next few years. Contact for details and to receive a turn-key quote for either an LPFM on-location system or to discuss an online media studio for your ‘online’ marketing, podcasting & information strategies.