MediaVoice provides Voice Overs for: online tutorials and e-learning platforms, web videos, premium real estate, audio tour guides, IVR audio prompts for banking and business telephone systems, animations, games, audio logos, YouTube product demos, podcasts, web interviews, radio commercial campaigns, psa’s, descriptive video for Film & TV even voices & sfx for toys. Think of us as your talent agency for over 20 of Canada’s ‘best’ voice talents (plus international foreign language voices) handling all those tedious details so you don’t have to.

Yes we provide International Voicing Services for clients marketing their brands and services worldwide. From full text translations to male & female voicing in 13+ different languages, we’ll take care of it all so you can relax. We’re currently providing the following international linguistic services: Korean, German, Tagalog-Phiilipino, Chinese-Mandarin, International French, Spanish, Urdu, Somali, Russian, Punjabi, Nepali and various Arabic dialects.

Yes we create effective and ‘fresh’ Radio Commercials & Radio Infomercial programming. If you have a new product or service ready for launch, tap into the power of global marketing using professional audio for web interviews, profiles, You Tube product demos, audio podcasts or Radio commercials and Infomercials. Infomercials are growing again on Radio stations across North America because they work, driving listeners to your website and increasing your sales !

Need a fresh voice for your next project? Send us part of your script for a free Voice Audition & Quote. Many of our voice projects are completed in less than 12 hours with over 90% in less than 2 days. See a partial list of some of our ongoing partners on our Clients page and our new Demos page is also now being re-designed.