For 27 years, we have been designing, supplying and installing high quality ‘Canadian Made’ Low Power FM Transmitters for ON-Site Church and House of Worship Special Events including Drive-In Services.

From our Audio Tech Division, there’s good news and bad news. YES..we have Drive-In Service LPFM systems. Our MS1 Series FM Transmitter is considered by many as the best On-Site Low Power FM transmitter in the world. The bad news.. due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, product demand is high and right now we’re sold out (updated May 27th/2020). But wait..there’s good news. Our next order of On-Site Drive-In FM systems will arrive within 2 weeks. We’ve been designing, selling and installing LPFM since 1993. To get your Church or House of Worship on the May/June order list, please call with your questions or email

Aside from Drive-In service FM systems which are ‘On-Site’, did you know Churches and Houses of Worship in Canada can now broadcast your services ‘off-site’ through your local community. See details and call or write for information on our premium ‘ 50 Watt Community System’ on our LPFM page. Your Church or House of Worship can be broadcasting ‘live’ using a special CRTC license exemption certificate. Please be advised that we work closely with Industry Canada’s Spectrum Management Division within the new Federal Department of Innovation Science and Economic Development. If you are looking for pirate transmitters or you wish to ignore the Canadian Federal Regulations for Low Power FM, then we are unable to help you.
For all the answers to your LPFM questions, please contact

For those looking for VOICE-OVERS….Winter 2020 is now history, but not COVID-19. Yes we’re receiving VO scripts and its ‘business as usual’ because it’s easy to social distance in our studio. If professional narrations are what you’re looking for, then you’re at the right place. Send us details and part of your script and we’ll provide a quote and/or a sample back to you within hours. Mediavoice offers fast and professional turnarounds because our studio is open  noon til midnight six days a week. YES..we do supply weekend/after hours ‘RUSH’ voicing as well as a tremendous range of international languages. Send us your questions and we’ll answer them and provide you your quote. We’d be excited to welcome you to our growing list of clients.