The MediaVoice ‘Voice-Over’ QUOTE of the Month:  ” Voice acting is different from live-action. You only have one tool to convey emotion. You can’t sell a line with a look. It’s all about your vocal instrument. Doing voice work is also great because you don’t have to get your hair done, which I despise…..  FELICIA
January of Winter 2020 is here and it’s busy. If professional voice narrations are what you’re looking for, then you’ve made a perfect landing. Send us details and part of your script and we’ll provide a quote and/or audition back to you within hours. Mediavoice is known for quick professional turnarounds because our studio is lit from morning-midnight six days a week. YES..we supply weekend ‘RUSH’ voicing services. Send Dave an email. It would be exciting to welcome you to our growing list of Maritime, National and International clients.

rom our Audio Technical Division, there’s great news.  Now in Canada…. Churches and Houses of Worship can broadcast their weekly services ‘WITHOUT’ an expensive CRTC FM license.  See details on our LPFM page and begin FM broadcasting ‘live’ using a CRTC special license exemption. Your weekly services, visiting guest speakers, even ‘live’ music presentations can now air  ‘live’ on FM to your local community without the expense of a detailed CRTC license application. For details, contact David by email via