New Talent Voice Calls

Are you interested in Voice-work ? Have you ever participated in any drama productions ? Do you feel you have a unique or skilled voice with the ability to narrate or to act while interpreting various kinds of voice scripts ? Voice work is not only very satisfying, we make it FUN. It also pays quite well for the small amount of time it may take you to complete a script under our guidance and direction.

MediaVoice is now expanding our Voice Talent Roster in 2020 and we are searching right now for the following new voice styles-types :

Mature Female – 50 to 70
Mature Male – 50 to 70

Mature Female – British or Scottish Accent
Mature Male – British or Scottish Accent

A Blue Collar Working Man… Mature Male 40 to 60
Young Female – 19 to 25 years
Young Male – 19 to 25 years
Young Female 8-12 years **
Young Male 8-12 years**

**NOTE : All contact or email communication for potential new voices under 18 years of age must be initiated by an adult parent or legal guardian. This also applies to all on-site studio recording sessions. All Voice Talent under 18 must be accompanied to any recording session at our Newport Studio by a parent or legal guardian.

New Voice Talent can also request a demo script that we will send you that you can record into a microphone connected to your own PC, Mac or Smartphone from your home. While your microphone’s technical quality may not equal the level of our high fidelity studio equipment, first voice samples from your home are simply to allow us to hear the ‘potential’ quality for a follow-up demo recording session.

If we invite you to record an audio demo for our website, all in-studio demo recording sessions for new talent requires a nominal fee of $35 to cover a small portion of the the studio time required. If you have any questions, please write or contact